Kate Hudson, Ashton Kutcher and More React to Garry Marshall’s Death

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Director Garry Marshall Dead at 81
It's another sad day in Hollywood.

Celebrities are mourning the loss of Garry Marshall.

Kate Hudson, Ashton Kutcher, Mandy MooreJessica Alba, and more are sharing their love, support, and condolences following the death of the famed director on Tuesday night (July 19, 2016). He passed away at the age of 81 due to complications from pneumonia after a stroke — and now all the celebrities whose lives he touched are paying tribute to him.

He is responsible for countless American cultural touchstones, including Happy Days, Pretty WomanThe Princess Diaries — and for that we are grateful. RIP.

A hard day for those of us in the Garry camp. In reflection, I share some memories and feelings with you. Garry and I were shooting Mothers Day this past year my children came to visit the set. I was behind a wall about to do a scene waiting for the very words that every working actor is quite used to, "and….ACTION!" Much to my pleasant surprise the voice booming from behind the wall was my son, Ryder. I couldn't help but smile and after we finished the scene both Garry and I shared a moment. We knew in an instant that so many things come full circle. That once upon a time that was me on his lap yelling ACTION for my mother and pa on Overboard in 1987. That in Garry's words in that moment, "The circle of life is an amazing thing isn't it…" In that moment he was more then my director, he was family. That moment meant way more then any success of any film. I looked around the set and saw faces I had known and seen since I was a little girl. In one flash of a moment there was so much recognition of how loyal, wonderful, kind, generous, funny and profound Garry was. He kept his loved ones close, he loved people, he loved making movies, he loved to laugh, he loved loved loved. And those of us who were fortunate to know him like this were so lucky. The messages Garry shared with the world truly represented his character. He wanted peace and the importance of family and connection to be at the forefront of everything he did. I have so much admiration for his purity of such loving messages. He created things that made us feel good because he just wanted people around him to be happy. Once while shooting Raising Helen, I was reaching for a laugh. I didn't feel that a scene was going right and I wasn't hitting the joke and I was incredibly frustrated. He came over to me and gently held my hand and said, "Kate, sometimes we don't need to laugh, sometimes making us smile is even more important." Garry wanted to see the world smile because he knew we all need more of that. To everyone in the Garry Marshall family, I love you all so much. I will miss you Garry ❤️ I love you.

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I have been fortunate in the sense that I have not lost many people that have made a significant, life changing impact to my world. Today, we lost someone who not only changed my life, but changed and touched the lives of so many others. Through his work, Garry Marshall was able to make us laugh, cry, feel joy and pride one moment, and the next, utter sadness. But he always did this in a beautiful way that made for such fantastic and timeless films. Each moment I spent with Garry on the set of Mother's Day was perfect, and is something I am so honored to have experienced. It's also something I look forward to telling my children about. I will always remember his infectious laugh and his joyful spirit. I am so grateful to of been able to be in his world, even for a small moment. Garry, you will be truly missed…

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Mr. Marshall, it was an honor. We will miss you.. ❤️??

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Was an incredible honor having the opportunity to work with you. You will be missed..

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His Pretty Woman leading man, Richard Gere, put out a statement (via ET) after hearing of Marshall’s passing, calling him “one of the funniest men who ever lived.”