Taylor Swift Insists She Had No Idea Kanye West Had Her on Speaker Phone

It looks like Taylor Swift may have a case against Kanye West after all.

Following yesterday’s news that West may not face criminal charges because Swift was on speaker phone, which no longer makes the conversation confidential, Swift is insisting she had no idea she was on speaker phone.

TMZ reports that while Swift did hear the voices of the other people in the room, she just assumed she could hear them but did not think they could hear her. Swift insists because of this, West had an obligation to ask her if he could record their conversation.

While Swift is still deciding whether or not she’ll go forward with filing a police report, she is 100 percent certain she wants the entire recording of their conversation released. Swift says she and West spoke on the phone for over an hour, and not once did the rapper say the line, “I made that bitch famous.”

Furthermore, she says West made several promises to her, including that he’d send her an advanced copy of the song for her approval which never happened. Sources tell TMZ West purposefully reneged on his promise because ultimately he knew Swift wouldn’t approve.