Jeffree Star Responds to Kat Von D’s Claims That He Stole Artwork for His Makeup Brand

Jeffree Star is insisting that he is not a thief. Just a day after being accused by longtime friend Kat Von D for allegedly ripping off a logo designed by artist B.J. Betts for his cult favorite makeup brand, the beauty guru is hitting back and giving his side of the story.

In a lengthy 23-minute video titled “Dear Kat Von D, It’s Easier to Tell the Truth,” Star says Von D wrongfully stepped into his business when she decided to publicly accuse him of theft. According to Star, he was initially unable to pay Betts for the design but had later compensated the artist in full after his cosmetics line because a huge success.

“Does it look similar? A hundred percent, it does. But did I steal the logo? A hundred percent, I did not. So I never stole a logo, and B.J. never said I stole the logo,” Star claims. “Actually, from talking to him this week, I found out that he had no idea Kat was going to go public and show his design and mention his name … I just feel sorry that he’s now being dragged into this.”

“[Kat] also didn’t know my current manager and lawyer were already talking to his manager and lawyer and working something out. Long story short, now that my brand is successful, I wanted to take care of somebody who was work-for-hire and had helped me in the beginning,” he adds. “I think there’s a lot of malicious underlying intent, and I think that’s what hurts and breaks my heart the most. Let’s just say it one more time: BJ has been paid.”

Star, who has been friends with Von D for a decade, also alleges that Von D — a tattoo artist with her own cosmetics line — had started to tell people in the beauty industry that Star had stolen one of her ideas from the makeup lab they share. He shares, “I felt like someone had slapped me across my face. Someone that I had known for so long betraying me and lying about me?”

Von D initially blasted Star for “inappropriate behavior (including, promoting drug use, racism, and bullying)” and vowed to “disassociate myself from him and his brand.” According to the LA Ink star, she will be pulling the Everlasting Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Jeffree, a hot pink shade she named after her now-former BFF, from her Kat Von D cosmetics collection.