Thanks, Internet: Jon Gosselin Is Planning to Quit T.G.I. Friday’s Job

Just days after it was revealed that Jon Gosselin is a cook at a local T.G.I. Friday’s in Lancaster, Penn., the former reality star is saying that he plans to leave his post at the chain restaurant.

According to him, he’s quitting his job because one of his co-workers had leaked a photo of him in the kitchen, causing the world to find out his what he does now that he’s no longer on TV. As previously reported, Gosselin is working seven to eight hours a day, three days a week at the establishment.

“I’m not going to work there anymore because now the trust and the teamwork is gone,” Gosselin, who rose to fame as the father of twin girls and sextuplets on TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8tells Dallas radio station 103.7. “Now someone took a picture of me and sold it … Now I gotta leave a job I was passionate about.”

However, Page Six is also reporting that Gosselin hasn’t given his notice just yet. A rep for Gosselin’s location tells the publication, “Jon has not left Friday’s; his employment with us as a team member is in good standing.”

Read more about it over at Page Six…

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