Style Alert: Quay x Desi Perkins Shades Colab

Desi Perkins “High Key” slays every look she puts out, alongside the great Sphin, Harper, and Cannoli. Thanks to her we can all rock some glasses to help us scope out cuties “On the Low”. “TYSM” Desi!

We all know Desi, the queen of glam, the gorgeous bombshell who continues to put out look after look, slaying day after day. If you don’t know Desi, make sure and check out her YouTube, as well as social media, she won’t disappoint. Thank you so much.

Just over a month ago, Desi released three styles of sunglasses. In a matter of minutes, each and every one sold out in record time. These sunnies have become the most wanted by not only Desi fans but everyone around the world. Quay is a flourishing company who puts out quirky, cool, and affordable glasses for every face.

Desi Perkins TYSM

These fierce cat eyed frames will give you ultimate old school look with a new school twist. “TSYM” Desi!

On The Low

These bold square glasses give you a perfect look with any outfit, good for being “On the Low” when needed.

High Key GoldDesi High Key Black

Last but not least, the gorgeous over-sized shades everyone needs. They come in two different colors and fit with any look you want. Thanks to Desi we can all “High Key” slay on a daily basis.

Now because these are in such high demand and for such a good price ($50-$60), “High Key” has sold out on the major websites. The other two are available on Urban Outfitters. When these do re-stock, they are only available on certain sites. Here’s the list.

Now since these gorgeous shades are a hit seller, the re-stock isn’t until September on the Quay website. If you’re lucky you might be able to find them in the retail stores listed. In the meantime, I put together some other hot Quay shades that are similar to the colab, that you can rock while waiting.