Rihanna Warns Fans Not to Play Pokémon Go at Her Shows After Beyoncé Incident

Rihanna is not here for people playing Pokémon Go.

A few days after “fan” was caught playing the game (that’s been sweeping the nation) at a Beyoncé concert, the singer took the time to warn concert-goers in France that that would not be the case at her shows. In a video posted to Twitter, RiRi makes it very clear that people at her gigs should be paying attention to her and not searching for Pikachus in the area.

“I don’t want to see you texting your boyfriends or your girlfriends. I don’t want to see you catching any Pokémons up in this b-tch,” she can be heard saying to the crowd.


Moral of the story: Do NOT try to “catch ‘em all’ at a Rihanna concert.