Mariah Carey’s Demands Put All Other Divas to Shame, Again 

Mariah Carey's Fiancé Gets a Handful of Boob
Mariah Carey basically brought the lyrics to "Touch My Body" to life when she went clubbing with fiancé James Packer.

It turns out the songstress refuses to enter restaurants unless her own music is playing.

Patrons at Ristorante Aurora in Capri, Italy were enjoying a peaceful dinner when a Mariah Carey song suddenly started playing. That’s when Carey herself and her fiancé James Packer walked into the restaurant, according to Page Six.

She literally had an entrance song,” an insider said.

Despite the jarring entrance, Carey was “charismatic” and boisterous with her large party.

Apparently from her arrival on, it was only the singer’s music playing, suggesting her entourage actually brought the playlist.

“She was in a great mood and was nice to everyone, even posing for some pictures with some kids,” the insider added.

Carey and Packer were reportedly vacationing off the coast in Packer’s yacht with her five-year-old twins.

Classic Mariah…