WATCH: Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Bicker in Couples Therapy

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel are trying to put their “feud” aside by sitting down for a couples therapy session again. Like last time, it doesn’t go well.

In a new segment aired Monday (July 25, 2016), the two adversaries bicker about their fractured friendship. Damon argues that he just wants to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live and disses Kimmel’s poor hosting abilities.

“It’s always the next night’s show,” the Jason Bourne actor vents. “I’ve never met somebody who’s so horrible with time management.”

On the other hand, Kimmel says he feels betrayed — or “bat-rayed by Batman” — when mutual friend Ben Affleck tried to sneak Damon in during the Oscars special earlier this year.

The skit ends with the two trying to make some headway by expressing their feelings out in art therapy. While the two are still sworn enemies, they do have the same idea about each other when it comes to drawing. (Spoiler alert: It all has to do with a certain body part.)