WATCH: Mila Kunis Gets Super Candid About Ashton Kutcher’s Penis

Ashton Kutcher’s penis resembles a beer can, everybody.

While promoting Bad Moms on The Late Late Show, Mila Kunis got candid about her husband’s manhood during a little game called “Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts.” The game involves a revolving wheel of disgusting food and drinks that they have to consume if they don’t answer the questions.

So after James Corden asked her whether Kutcher’s penis resembled a “carrot stick” or a “beer can,” Kunis chose to answer. “I have to have one or the other?” she asked.

Although she answered carrot stick at first because she thought of beer cans as “short and stubby”, Corden clarified that the cans he was referring to are long and full. “Oh beer can, beer can! I’m thinking short and stubby but no… like a Guinness,” she laughed.

But, Kunis wasn’t so lucky the next round. Instead of trying to describe what her movie, Jupiter Ascending, was about, she decided to eat a cow’s tongue instead.

Watch the whole segment — featuring Christina Applegate — above!