So Spoiled: New Villains Coming on ‘The Flash,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Arrow’ and More!

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Sadly, Comic-Con has come and gone yet again but we’ve gleaned plenty of exciting info from the convention including some new details on your favorite shows including Supernatural, The Flash and Arrow. And let’s just say there’s a lot of new, evil characters on the way.

Curious who The Flash is going to battle in season 3?

“We’re doing two big bads, one is a speedster that we’ll reveal later, and the creepy guy in the mask that we saw is Doctor Alchemy,” EP Todd Helbing said.

“He’s a bad dude and he’s going to be a formidable adversary to The Flash and everyone on the team,” EP Aaron Helbing added. [Variety]

Although we’ve previously reported on the new villain, the crew behind The Vampire Diaries offered even more info on the show’s “final bad” of season 8.

The new villain will be a “cool way to infuse Mystic Falls with this ultimate evil. It’s like a cherry on top of the entire mythology of Mystic Falls,” said EP Kevin Williamson. [TV Line]

In case you haven’t heard, Lucifer is taking over a new (well-known) vessel for season 12 of SupernaturalRick Springfield.

“The first vessel that [Lucifer] feels comfortable with is a rock star who’s a little bit on the down side who’s trying to come back,” EP Robert Singer told fans at Comic-Con. [Variety]

Another revelation at Comic-Con was the newest baddie on Arrow: Prometheus.

“[It’s] a new character, someone who fits into the theme of legacy this year that’s going to be driving all of our characters, including the big bad,” EP Marc Guggenheim explained. “He’s pretty badass.” [Entertainment Weekly]