Susan Sarandon Is Having the Worst Time at the DNC, Literally

Susan Sarandon, a Bernie Sanders supporter, is not even attempting to conceal her levels of visceral unhappiness while in attendance at the Democratic National Convention.

Sarandon’s facial displeasure was captured and shared in a GIF by Ian McKenna of NowThis News, where the Thelma and Louise actress resembled a seven-year-old grandchild being forced to sit through their Pop Pop’s Bingo game.

Sarandon confirmed that this wasn’t just a momentary meme face. She is, in fact, completely miserable.

The actress has maintained her support of Sanders despite Hillary Clinton’s nomination presumably being revealed later in the week and has previously called Clinton “more dangerous” than Donald Trump Sarandon continues to advocate for his platform despite Twitter users, much like Sarah Silverman, urging her to change her ‘Bernie or Bust’ mentality.

Time will only tell if she dips out of the DNC for a lengthy lunch, but for now, she will express her obstinance by tweeting photos of wet floors and back hallways.

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