Ellen Pompeo Says She Doesn’t Have an Eating Disorder So Stop Body Shaming Her

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo wants to set the record straight that she has never suffered from an eating disorder.

Pompeo told People, “I used to get a lot of criticism for how thin I was, and I didn’t have a lot confidence because of it. But I was naturally thin.”

She added, “I always thought it was irresponsible of the media to portray me as someone with an eating disorder because if some girls look up to me and think that’s what you have to do to look like me, it’s a horrifying concept. listened to the criticism a little too much — and this was pre-social media. It’s even crazier to think what women have to deal with now.”

The 46-year-old actress also has never had any plastic surgery or Botox. “For me, personally, I don’t do Botox or anything like that. It can’t be what’s on the outside, it’s gotta be what’s on the inside.”

Pompeo has an overall healthy perspective about aging. “I think when you’re in your ’20s and ’30s, you’re super obsessed with your looks because you don’t have any other wisdom,” she says. “I have the wisdom to know that growing old is a privilege that not everyone is afforded. If my physical beauty is the only thing that leaves me and my health and my family stay, then that is what’s really important to me.”

Good for her!

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