Kesha Calls Dr. Luke Lawsuit ‘F**king Horrible’

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Kesha isn't scared to hit back at her haters.

Kesha will not be silenced.

The “Timber” singer addressed her ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke during a Democratic National Convention 2016 event in Philadelphia on Tuesday (July 26, 2016). During a performance at former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ rally for gun control, Kesha opened up about about being a victim of violence.

“I feel like if you’re a human being, you go through pain. And you go through hurt,” she told the crowd. “And every single one of us knows that emotion. I don’t know if you guys know what I am going through; I’m going through a lawsuit. It’s fucking horrible.”

Kesha continued, explaining about her stance on guns, “We as a nation, we can’t control who feels hurt. We can’t control who feels pain. And we can’t control what you do with the hurt and the pain and the anger. You can’t control every single person and know how they’re gonna deal with things and know if they’re going to pick up a weapon — you don’t know that. But what we can control is who we give the fucking weapons to. I think the universe is screaming at us that there needs to be a change and we have to fucking listen. I do think love is something, as humans, we all have and I hope heals us. I really believe that love and empathy, it can heal us.”

Kesha previously said she was “shocked and horrified” about gun violence in America after 22-year-old singer Christina Grimmie was fatally shot at a meet-and-greet. “How many times are we as a nation going to read a horrific story like this, where someone uses a gun to kill an innocent person, and DO NOTHING,” she wrote in an Instagram post at the time of The Voice alum’s death. “I demand gun control. This is sickening.”

“I don’t understand why these shootings are happening,” wrote on a later post about the mass shooting at a LGBT nightclub in Orlando. “I’m just so sorry.”

Kesha is currently embroiled in a legal battle against former mentor Dr. Luke, accusing him of verbally and sexually abusing her. Earlier this year, a judge rejected Kesha’s claim that Sony and the producer’s label, Kemosabe Records, were holding her career back by refusing to release her from their contract.

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