WATCH: Michael Fassbender Has Ice Water Poured Down His Pants

A Look at Michael Fassbender's Most Recognizable Roles
Michael Fassbender has proven that he has more to show than his genitals!

We, like Michael Fassbender himself, may need to dry off after watching this.

The X-Men: Apocalypse star was all game to play “Frozen Blackjack” with host Jimmy Fallon during his latest appearance on The Tonight Show, risking shrinkage to have ice cold water poured down his pants through a funnel if he busts. Though Fassbender managed to stay dry for the first two rounds, he took a gamble and went over 21 in his last hand, resulting in Fallon pouring an oversized, five gallon jug of cold water onto the actor’s crotch.

“I would have been dry going home tonight!” Fassbender said, after realizing that he would’ve won had Fallon not pressured him to take another card from the deck. “So be it!”

Well, that’s what you get for being cocky. Watch his hilarious reaction above.