WATCH: Khloé Kardashian and Other Former ‘Celebrity Apprentices’ Won’t Be Voting for Trump

Chelsea Handler wrangled a few former Celebrity Apprentice castmates to issue their feelings on Republican presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.

Khloé Kardashian, Clay Aiken, NeNe Leakes, and Lisa Lampanelli gathered on Handler’s self-titled Netflix show to express whether or not they will be voting for their former reality television boss in the 2016 presidential election.

Kardashian told Handler that Kris Jenner pushed for to be on the show despite her feelings of hesitation to participate. “My mom made me do it,” she said.

Kardashian went on to describe how much she actually loathed the experience.

“I hated every minute of it. I was put in situations I would never be in real life,” continued Kardashian, adding that she was “stressing myself out, and then dealing with [Trump] and about to be fired, I’m like, ‘F**k you. I don’t want to do this.'”

After hypothesizing that Jenner will not be voting for Trump either, Lampanelli described him as “effin crazy” and noted that he would say some “crazy stuff” to the women in the boardroom… except for her.

“We all know he loves beautiful women, okay,” said Lampanelli, illustrating how he commented on most of the women’s appearances. “And then he says to me one day, ‘Lisa, doesn’t Teresa [Giudice] look beautiful today?'”

Aiken, who reminded us all that he ran for Congress in 2014, was passionately against Trump’s presidency and called him a “clown.”

“I think we saw that [on the show], and this campaign for him isn’t about being president – it’s about having 100 percent name recognition, it’s about being able to say he won, which I think he probably will do, and that’s frightening to me,” said Aiken.

Watch the discussion from Chelsea in the player below.