Celebuzz Cocktail Hour: The Holland Swizzle

Say hello to a very refreshing summer cocktail!

While it may look like a mojito, this is definitely not a mojito. The Holland Swizzle, created by Jefferey Dillon (from Estela), is made with Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin, which features fresh notes of Turkish rose, peach and raspberry, along with the usual suspects —juniper, licorice, orris root.

You are definitely going to want to try making this one at home!

Holland Swizzle

Holland Swizzle

2 oz. Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin
.5 oz Simple Syrup
.75 oz Lime Juice

Build in a Collins glass, muddle gently, fill with crushed ice, top with soda and garnish with mint.

Please remember to drink responsibly, and do not drink and drive!