Believe It or Not, Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher’s Wedding Rings Are from Etsy 

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Celebrities, they’re just like us!

Mila Kunis dropped by Conan O’Brien’s talk show to promote her new comedy Bad Moms and while there, the host pointed out that the gorgeous actress was toying with her wedding ring, noting that she and Ashton Kutcher’s rings are a very low-key, understated choice (i.e. not your typical celebrity bling). This prompted Kunis to explain where she found their rings, and the answer is amazing.

“So my husband and I got married… he got me a beautiful engagement ring,” she said. “Stunning, stunning, stunning. But for our wedding bands for when we got married, I decided to just get them off Etsy. So our wedding bands are from Etsy.”

O’Brien took the opportunity to hint that, having known the Forgetting Sarah Marshall actress for years, he has learned that she is “frugal,” which she quickly clarified is a nice way of saying cheap.

“My engagement ring is beautiful but I don’t ever wear it. This ring, I’m like ‘It’s $90, it’s great.’”

Here’s their chat: