Gwyneth Paltrow Is Ready to Distance Herself from goop

Gwyneth Paltrow is planning to step away from her lifestyle brand goop so that it can fly into the sunset as its own entity.

Paltrow, who gave birth to goop in 2008 as a weekly newsletter, revealed plans to distance herself from the brand to allow it to grow at the 2016 Sage Summit in Chicago.

“In order to build the brand I want to build, its scalability is limited if I connect to it,” said Paltrow. “So I always think: ‘How can I grow the brand? How can I separate myself from the brand?’ and I think it’s going to be more its own brand.”

“My dream is that one day no one will remember that I had anything to do with it,” Paltrow concluded, describing her run with goop as “an amazing journey.”

Paltrow currently employs 12 team members, who work in a converted barn in California.

[h/t: The Guardian]