GIVEAWAY: Win a Nintendo 3DS XL in This ‘Nine Lives’ Gift Pack

Chances are high that you’re not a cat (unless your name is Katy Perry), but imagine if you were for a single day.

This is what happens to Kevin Spacey in Nine Lives, the upcoming film also starring Jennifer Garner, Christopher Walken, Mark Consuelos.

Spacey is Tom Brand, a billionaire workaholic and removed family man, who gives into his daughter’s recurring birthday wish by buying her a cat for the eleventh anniversary of her existence despite his abhorrence of the feline species. After purchasing a tomcat named Mr. Fuzzypants, a bizarre turn of events causes Brand to switch bodies with the cat and he is inadvertently adopted by his own family, which causes him to examine his family and his life from a new perspective.

We can’t give you a Kevin Spacey cat, but we can give you a gift pack from Nine Lives that includes a Nintendo 3DS XL Black, the Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog and New Friends Video Game, and more fun Nine Lives items to leave you feeling purr-ty fulfilled. All that you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment in the comments section below that tells us what the worst part about being a cat for a day would be, whether it’s using a litter box or eating canned tuna.

You must live in the continental United States in order to enter and you have until midnight PST on Sunday, Aug. 7, 2016, to enter.

Nine Lives hits theaters nationwide on August 5.