2016 Teen Choice Awards: Christina Grimmie Wins Award, Is Not Mentioned During Broadcast

Fans of Christina Grimmie, the pop singer who was shot and killed after her concert in Orlando in June, expressed outrage on social media after the Teen Choice Awards did not broadcast her win for “Choice Music Web Star”.

Twitter users celebrated Grimmie’s win of a posthumous award but called out the show and the FOX network for omitting its presentation during the broadcast on Sunday (July 31, 2016). Leading the pack of those speaking in defense of Grimmie was her fellow YouTube star, Shane Dawson, who criticized the network last month when the TCA Twitter account tweeted out: “Retweet to vote in memory of @TheRealGrimmie for #ChoiceMusicWebStar.”

“For everyone complaining about the teen choice awards…..” issued Dawson after Sunday’s show in a tweet coupled with a meme that reads “Don’t act surprised, I warned you.”

“I’m glad the tcas didn’t do a memorial for Christina Grimmie,” continued Dawson. “I don’t want her beautiful face anywhere near that trash show.”

Grimmie’s win was confirmed in a press release that was published after the ceremony ended. Though only a portion of the night’s winners was announced on-air, FOX did not respond to the Post’s inquiry as to why Grimmie’s win for “Choice Music Web Star” was not announced when “Choice Female Web Star” and “Choice Male Web Star” were.

According to The Washington Post, one fan began a Change.org petition asking that the “Teen Choice Awards & Fox formally apologize for disrespecting Christina Grimmie.”

Grimmie was also slighted from a mention in the show’s segment where Jessica Alba called to the stage ten teens whose families had been affected by the Orlando, San Bernadino, and Newtown shootings in a rally to end gun violence.

“Tonight, we stand together with these teens united in a call for peace in an end to this violence,” said Alba, before Ne-Yo performed Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”.

Other winners of the night included Hillary Clinton for “Choice President,” Deadpool for “Choice Movie,” and Justin Timberlake, who was presented with the Decade Award by Kobe Bryant.

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