Rachel Roy: Becky with the Good Hack?

Rachel Roy, the fashion designer who was pegged as Jay Z’s partner in infidelity, is claiming that her phone was hacked during Beyoncé‘s post-Lemonade, “Becky with the good hair” mayhem.

TMZ states that Roy reported to police that her Gmail and iCloud accounts were hacked and that her cell phone number was changed without her permission a few days after she posted a photo on Instagram captioned with “Good hair don’t care.” The caption was a reference to Beyoncé’s lyric in the song “Sorry” where she calls out the woman with whom her husband was cheating.

Court documents filed by Roy cite this Instagram post as the inciting incident behind the alleged hack. The LAPD has obtained a search warrant to dig into her phone and email records, but for now,  the current hypothesis suggests that a member of the Beyoncé’s fan base was behind it all.

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