2016 Teen Choice Awards: John Cena and Victoria Justice Spoof Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

 Celebs Sing 'Fight Song' for Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton has some star-studded support.

John Cena dressed up like Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards — and basically won the internet.

The wrester-turned-actor was also joined on stage by co-host Victoria Justice — who took on the role of Donald Trump — and Barack Obama’s expert impersonator, Keegan-Michael Key. Together, they not only mocked the presidential candidates but stressed the importance of voting this at this year’s election.

“I thought you would be bigger,” Key told Justice during the skit. “Look at me, I’m huge,” responded the actress, hilariously mocking the way Trump speaks.

“You have to pick one of these two major candidates. There’s no write-ins, guys. I don’t want to see any of your Biebers, or your Swifts, or your Pokémons,” Key-as-Obama told the crowd before teens got the chance to hold a live vote and choose their Choice President.

Justice also reminded the audience that their voice is just as important as everyone else’s: “It’s the one chance for your vote to be heard because it’s your future too.”

In the end, Clinton was revealed as the winner. Click here to see who else took home a surfboard at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards.