Which of Kendall Jenner’s Sisters Is Her Favorite One to ‘Party With’?

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Kendall Jenner shared on her website and app favorite things about her sisters, including the one she likes “to party with.”

Kendall revealed Khloé Kardashian was her favorite party pal. Kendall wrote, “She definitely encourages me to be a little more wild!”

As for her other sisters, Kendall said Kylie Jenner is her favorite “sister to veg out with… We love to just hang and goof off together.”

Kim Kardashian is Kendall’s favorite sister to shop with, because “she has the best taste. I’d raid her closet any day, lol.”  Natch.

Finally, sister Kourtney Kardashian is who Kendall loves to share a meal with. “[Kourtney] inspires me to eat healthier and she alwayyys makes me laugh.”