Prepare Your Eyes for the Post-Apocalyptic Feast that Is Rihanna’s ‘W’ Magazine Spread

Rihanna is, literally, a post-apocalyptic queen on the cover of W magazine’s September 2016 issue.

Bedazzled in jewels and precious metals, Rihanna is outfitted in designs by Margiela, Prada, Christian Dior, among other designers as she embodies Furiosa, the last woman on earth and “the ruling warrior queen in a dark, dystopian future.” Edward Enninful, the magazine’s creative director, explained that his vision for the spread was inspired by the world around him.

“I take random inspiration from everywhere,” says Enninful. “I was obsessed with these pictures of military men running around with dogs on their backs, and I was like ‘Oh, that’s a statement about today.'”

Rihanna’s shoot, photographed by Steven Klein, stands alone as a fashion spread without a supplementary interview.

“The thing about Rihanna is that she never wants to repeat something she’s done, and she did a video where she wore lots of camouflage – so I knew I didn’t want to do a military story,” continues Enninful. “Instead, I wanted to do something that was set in the future world. We thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to take this concept and apply it to the last woman on earth, the last warrior on earth, really.”

See the spread in its entirety over on the W website.

CREDIT: W Magazine, by Steven Klein