WATCH: ‘Stranger Things’ Is Brilliantly Re-Imagined as an ’80s Sitcom

Although the new Netflix hit Stranger Things definitely has the 1980s sci-fi thing down pat, a YouTube user decided to make a parody trailer turning it into an ’80s sitcom.

It even has Randy Newman’s “Strange Things” playing in the background as an extra bit of lighthearted goofiness. Well played, sir… watch above!

Of course, Stranger Things is anything but a silly sitcom. Instead, this show revolves around a small town in Indiana, in which strange things indeed occur, including the disappearance of a young boy. When his frantic mother (Winona Ryder) sets out to find him with the help of the local police chief and the boy’s friends, they must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back. Think Steven Spielberg meets Stephen King.

Stranger Things is currently available on Netflix. Here’s a real trailer…