Britney Spears Just Announced the Title and Release Date of Her Ninth Album

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Britney Spears, the undisputed Princess of Pop, has just announced the title and release date of her ninth studio album.

The album, formerly known as “B9,” is titled Glory and will be out on Apple Music on Aug.26, 2016. For those of you bad at calendar math, that’s less than a month away! (It’s also perfectly timed with this year’s Video Music Awards, which air two days later, on Aug. 28.) We know all of this because Britney herself shared the information along with the album cover:

She also adds that if you pre-order the album, you will receive a new track, “Private Show,” a portion of which we’ve already heard, instantly.

The album will follow lead single “Make Me…,” which, despite being the best lead single from a Britney album in a decade, is not exactly lighting the charts aflame. Still, things could turn around once Brit releases the video. (Additionally, she could drop a new single before the album comes out.)  And regardless of chart performance, a new Britney Spears album is something we can all agree should be welcomed warmly. (As long as it’s better than Britney Jean)

Listen to “Make Me…” below, and start getting hyped, y’all!