Not-‘Becky’ Rita Ora Praises Beyoncé and Jay-Z: ‘I Look Up to Them A Lot’

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Rita Ora is finishing her tall glass of Lemonade as she praises Beyoncé and Jay Z in Cosmopolitan UK’s September issue.

Ora discusses her career as it runs parallel to those of hip-hop’s royal couple, reminiscing on its rocky beginning as she found her voice within the industry. The singer, who was first signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation and released her debut album in 2012, says that being pegged as the “Becky” with the good infidelity/hair on Beyoncé’s diss track didn’t get her down.

“I’m still happy I’ve had this incredible experience,” says Ora on her relationship with Bey Z. ” Jay is one of my idols and Beyoncé is obviously the queen of life. I’ll never not appreciate the experience I had with them and the things I’ve seen.”

Ora was stung by a swarm of bee emojis and lemons on social media after she executed a series of provocative events when she was the alleged woman with whom Jay Z cheated on Beyoncé. She didn’t deny it on the outright, but later stepped out after the Met Gala wearing a pin that blatantly stated that she was “Not Becky.”

Ora calls Beyoncé and Jay Z “great mentors. “I look up to them a lot,” she tells Cosmo.

CREDIT: Cosmopolitan

Read about how she hates “being defined in relationships” in reference to her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris over on Cosmo UK’s website. Her September issue hits newsstands on Aug. 3, 2016. Listen to our Celebuzz’d podcast about all about the “Becky” scandal in the player below.