‘Suicide Squad’ Is Reportedly a ‘Mess’ Due to Some Behind-the-Scenes Drama

The making of Suicide Squad was reportedly awful.

The highly-anticipated DC Comics film is almost here — and although we’re excited to see Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jared Leto and the others — it doesn’t take away from the drama that came with making it. It turns out it had a lot to do with audiences’ bad reaction to Batman v Superman.

Following all the negative reviews, a new report released by The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday (Aug. 3, 2016) claims Suicide Squad’s production that may ultimately have led to the critically perceived “mess” of a movie. So what exactly went wrong?

Well, apparently there was high anxiety for the film to succeed, which resulted in a rushed production and competing cuts. “A key concern for Warners executives was that Suicide Squad didn’t deliver on the fun, edgy tone promised in the strong teaser trailer for the film,” THR reports. “So while [David] Ayer pursued his original vision, Warners set about working on a different cut, with an assist from Trailer Park, the company that had made the teaser.”

But despite being bashed by many critics, Suicide Squad will probably still break the box office when the film hits theaters on Friday, August 5.