Ben Affleck Had Some Trouble with His Pants

Ben Affleck, preacher of all things Batman, rewrote the manual on buttoning pants before attending the London Suicide Squad premiere.

Something happened here. Perhaps it was jet lag, maybe the sky was too gray. But Affleck somehow managed to patent a whole new method of fastening your trousers.

And so, we summon…

The Ben Affleck Guide to Securing Your Pants

London Celebrity Sightings -  August 03, 2016
CREDIT: Mia Lardiere
  1. Zip the zipper half-way (maybe).
  2. Button your button (optional).
  3. Tuck shirt in, but just a little bit.
  4. MANDATORY: Fasten the belt!!!
  5. Self-affirm, cry, leave the house (don’t forget to lock the door!), and do whatever it is you need to do because at least you have Matt Damon at the end of the day, even though his premium isn’t so high these days either.