Louis Tomlinson Is Working with Simon Cowell to Launch a New Girl Band

Louis Tomlinson has set up his own record label imprint under Sony Music with the intention of launching his own girl band with the help of Simon Cowell.

“[Tomlinson] has just signed a deal with us as an imprint of a record label,” said Cowell to The Mirror. “He has a new artist who is going to be released this year, I hope, who are incredible.”

Cowell, who was integral in setting up One Direction’s trajectory, describes Tomlinson’s band as “unbelievably good.”

“He has got fantastic instincts,” says Cowell of Tomlinson. “He told me about this idea I would say a year or 18 months ago. He stuck with it … I think he has got a real knack for this.”

Cowell also revealed that he encouraged Harry Styles to sign his solo deal with Columbia.

“I won’t go into the technical detail but it was a deal which we encouraged,” said the former American Idol judge. “This was something we were very instrumental in and it was the result we all wanted so it was great.”

Styles is currently filming his debut film, Dunkirk, while Tomlinson is busy getting slammed by the mother of his child.