Taylor Swift Walking Sideways to Avoid the Paparazzi Is Pretty Damn Amusing

If there’s one thing Taylor Swift knows how to do well, it’s attracting the attention of paparazzi (see: every damn photo of her and Tom Hiddleston’s world tour romance).

But since Swift’s achieved a level of fame beyond most celebrities, she also has the means to stay out of the public eye if she so desires.

So why, then, does the Grammy winner think walking sideways ― as seen in this recent video of her leaving the gym through a back entrance ― is an effective way of avoiding those pesky paps? Hell if we knew. (Side note: maybe this is why she’s been unable to get out of the woods … )

Behold, TSwift side-strutting to her black SUV, pretending no one can see her: Watch the video and continue reading at Huffington Post…