5 Other Oceans That You Can Listen to While Frank Ocean Is Busy Playing Himself

As I’m currently writing this post, we on the East Coast are about to enter hour 14 of “Frank Ocean Watch” given it was REPORTED that he would release his new album Boys Don’t Cry today, on Aug. 5, 2016.

But he hasn’t.

And frankly (heh), we’re tired of waiting. It’s been four years since he released his debut album, Channel Orangeand in that timespan, Woody Allen has released five feature films and Malia Obama has graduated high school. It’s time already, Frank. Get some coffee, eat an açaï bowl, listen to the Year of Yes audiobook; do whatever it is you need to do to get your life back on track and put this album out so that we can get off Twitter and take our damn lunch break.

For now, here are five other oceans that you can listen to while you’re waiting.

The Arctic Ocean

Bearded seal!!

The Pacific Ocean

Might need to loop this one a few times since it’s only four hours.

The Atlantic Ocean

Soothing. Pee-inducing.

The Indian Ocean

*DJ Khaled voice*: I like that. I like that.

The Southern Ocean

Turbulent, stormy. Which brings us back to our point:


And when you’re finished listening to these oceans, please enjoy our Celebuzz’d podcast episode that questioned if Ocean is stuck in the Bermuda Triangle: