Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Slams Fiancé After Video of Their Fight Surfaces Online

Is Lindsay Lohan Pregnant?
This is some Twitter rant.

Michael Lohan is not happy with Lindsay’s ex.

Following the shocking video of a violent fight between his daughter and Egor Tarabasov, Michael has come forward to comment on the Mean Girls alum’s tumultuous relationship with the Russian millionaire. He believes Egor must be hiding something for him to react the way he did.

“He must have something to hide if he didn’t want her to see his cell phone,” he told Inside Edition after they showed him the video of their argument in Greece, “and the way he manhandled her I can only imagine if he did that in public what he does in private.”

Although he kept his remarks toward Egor pretty brief, Michael did make one thing very clear: “Stay away from my daughter,” he exclaimed.

The fight started after Lindsay threw her ex-fiancé’s cell phone out the window of their Jeep. After both running after it, Egor grabbed the actress roughly from behind.

For Inside Edition’s full report, tune in on Friday, August 5.