Tyga and Blac Chyna’s Son Can’t Stop Calling People ‘Bitch’

Apparently, King Cairo is the king of cursing on the playground. According to Tyga, his three-year-old son with Blac Chyna got into trouble for his potty mouth at pre-school.

“He had an incident at school,” the rapper revealed during his appearance on Hollywood Today on Wednesday (Aug. 3, 2016). “They called me and it was like, ‘Your son, he’s walking around saying the b-word.'”

He continued, “And I was like, ‘Where did he hear that?’ And the school was like, well, he told them, ‘My dad says it in the studio.'”

Tyga, 26, added that he does try to separate his family life and work, saying, “I try to keep him out of the studio and I try not to play songs while he’s around, because he does stuff like that but, you know, it happens.”

For the “Rack City” emcee, who is currently dating Kylie Jenner, raising his son also means trying to keep him out of drama. Though having the mother of your child be engaged to your girlfriend’s older brother can be a little confusing at times, Tyga says he’s trying to look past that the awkwardness and focus on just being there for little King.

“I try not to judge people,” he shared. “I came from nothing and I grew up in a single-parent home with just my mom. So my main focus and goal is just to make sure that my son has the best upbringing. I feel like once you’re an adult, people make their own decisions and sometimes you can’t put your faith in people ’cause you’ll always be let down, so I just stay focused and really stay concerned about him.”

As future wedding plans, Tyga is still keeping his lips sealed.

“She might be watching, so I can’t [say],” he teased, when asked if he’ll propose on Jenner’s upcoming 19th birthday. “It’s just really about what you feel. How do you get someone that has everything, you know?”