Amber Heard’s Deposition Mysteriously Never Happened  

Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp and His Team Are Purposely Slowing Divorce Proceedings
According to new legal documents, the actress claims her estranged husband is blocking...

Although Amber Heard was spotted in the building, for some reason she was never deposed.

The actress’s deposition was scheduled for Saturday, and she did show up (late, but who’s counting), however, the long-planned meeting did not happen, according to TMZ.

Johnny Depp’s lawyers were assembled, a videographer had set up his equipment, a court reporter was on hand and yet Heard never answered any questions in the domestic violence case and subsequent divorce.

So what did happen?

According to sources, both Heard and Depp’s legal teams were hard at work on a settlement, but as of now, no deal has been agreed upon.

Late last month, Depp petitioned to keep the details of their split out of the media after asking his estranged wife to refrain from talking to the press, but she was unwilling to sign any agreement.

There’s no apparent end in sight for this case…