Bow Wow Announces He’s Retiring from Rap at 29 

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In a series of tweets, the young rapper proclaimed his forthcoming album will be his last.

Shad Moss, better known as Bow Wow, took to social media over the weekend to announce his retirement from the world of hip-hop.

“I always said years ago i’d retire from music before 30. I just cant see myself at 30 years old rapping.”

Moss didn’t explain what prompted the decision, but he did list some of the accomplishments he racked up in his career:

“’Retirement only means that it is time for a new adventure’ over 10 million sold. This the last one. THANK YOU,” he tweeted. “Made over 20 million off rap. Why be greedy? Im good with everything I accomplished. I made it to the white house.”

Throughout his music career, Moss has also acted in a number of shows and movies including CSI: Cyber, Like Mike and Entourage, so perhaps he plans to turn his focus to more TV and film roles after retiring from hip-hop.

Moss also announced in an Instagram post that Snoop Dogg will executive produce his next and final album, NYLTH, writing that since the Compton rapper helped jumpstart his career, it was only fitting that he be there for the end.