Kanye West Breaks Michael Jackson’s Top 40 Hits Record

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Kanye West has officially surpassed the late Michael Jackson and now has more top 40 hits than the King of Pop.

Billboard reports the rapper’s collaboration with Schoolboy Q on “That Part” rose from 42-40 this week, making it Yeezy’s 40th top 40 hit. Kanye was previously just one below Jackson, with 39.

Elvis Presley still tops the record of most top 40 hits with 80, followed by Lil Wayne (69), Elton John (57), Drake (53), Stevie Wonder (46), Jay-Z (45), James Brown (44), Chris Brown (42) and Marvin Gaye (41).

Still, it must mean something to Kanye to break the record of one of his musical icons. The rapper has been vocal about what kind of an influence Jackson has been to him.

In a candid interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe back in 2013, Kanye said:

Like, for me, as Kanye West, I would not be Kanye West if it wasn’t for Michael Jackson. So for me, in my life and creativity it’s been challenging, yeah, it’s been challenging and everything. But I was able to ascend to massive heights because of the foundation that my mother and my father and my grandfather laid through civil rights, what Michael Jackson did with music videos and the ground he broke. There would be no Kanye West if it wasn’t for Michael Jackson.