Kanye West Was Actually Upset About Kylie Jenner’s Puma Deal

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CREDIT: FameFlynet/Puma

Remember the time Kanye West declared that sister-in-law Kylie Jennerwould never turn her back on family and she did it anyway for a few more dollars? Well, Yeezy was actually genuinely upset over that betrayal.

On a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kanye shared that he was upset Kylie signed a deal with Puma — his competitor in the sportswear market — after he had cast the teen to walk the runway for his Yeezy collaboration with Adidas.

“I don’t agree with going against the family,” Khloé Kardashian told the rapper-turned-designer. “Mom and/or Kylie should have presented it to Kanye first.”

“Kanye had Kylie walk in his first two shows, he really believed in her as part of his brand,” Kim Kardashian chimed in. “I get my mom’s job is to get us deals … but everything has to be really carefully played out and I feel like this was a conflict of interest.”

“I just wish my mom spoke about it with us,” she continued. “We should all be able to communicate so we don’t step on anyone’s toes.”

However, Kris Jenner expressed that she didn’t really see a problem with Kylie signing a deal with Puma despite the fact that Kanye once said that their family is “on Yeezy team” all the way.

“I run a business and the biggest part of my business it to pay attention to everyone involved … and the best first for each one of my clients,” Kris told her daughter. “Sometimes it’s about a business decision.”

“I am just trying to do the best job for everyone that I can,” the matriarch added. “Sometimes I get ahead of myself and forget to communicate the way I should.”

Oops! Guess a stack of dollar bills is thicker than blood. Watch a recap of the episode — below.