Meet Leonardo DiCaprio’s Doppelgänger, an Olympic Medal-Winner 

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A familiar face has been making waves at the Rio games…

This isn’t the first time men around the world have been mistaken for Leonardo DiCaprio, but this has to be the first time it was an Olympian!

This is Brady Ellison; he’s an American, a three-time Olympian and two-time silver medalist in archery. The 27-year-old turned a lot of heads over the weekend and not just for his skills with a bow and arrow.

Like The Revenant star, Ellison also has an affinity for ball caps and likes to sport a scruffy goatee. And when Ellison squints, the similarities are uncanny.

Here’s another photo of the archer in action:

I love this picture. Thank you @dutchtarget for the awesome pics

A photo posted by Brady Ellison (@bradyellison) on

What do you think? Is Ellison a dead ringer?