Selena Gomez Wants to Date Guys Who Are Terrified of Her

Here's What Happens When You Tell Selena Gomez to Marry Justin Bieber
This is why you should never bring up Justin Bieber when Selena Gomez is around.

Selena Gomez’s love life has always been in the tabloids thanks to a certain someone named Justin Bieber. While the “Hand to Myself” singer isn’t dating one at the moment, she hopes never to be romantically involved with someone as famous as her ex-boyfriend again.

Why? Well, she want’s a “low-key” type of love.

“The guys that do have the confidence to hit on me are not necessarily my type, but they think they are because I’m a pop star, I sing songs, do movies, I like to feel sexy and confident on stage,” she tells Vogue Australia in her latest cover story. “I’d be so stoked with a writer or producer or actor who is low-key, but those kind of guys are terrified of me!”

“For a while my private life was the most talked about thing,” she says. “Nobody really knows everything and they can only assume. You want to do what you love but all this other stuff overshadows it so it makes it a little harder for people to take me seriously.”

CREDIT: Emma Summerton/Vogue Australia

Gomez, who was also previously linked to sales and merchandising executive Samuel Krost, adds that the reason she’s single at the moment is because not too many men would like all the attention that comes with being an A-lister.

“I think people would think it’s kind of dumb [to date me],” the 24-year-old explains. “Nobody would want to throw themselves into that situation where it was so heightened publicly, like, why would they?”

Furthermore, Gomez simply believes she just doesn’t have time for a relationship right now.

“But I like to have fun,” she notes, cocking her eyebrow, “I like to hang out.”

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