Taylor Swift and Nelly Perform ‘Dilemma’ at Karlie Kloss’ Birthday Party

Taylor Swift is back, y’all.

The “Shake It Off” singer has kept a pretty low profile ever since the Kim Kardashian video leak, but she came out of hiding on Saturday (Aug. 6, 2016) to perform with Nelly at Karlie Kloss’ birthday party in the Hamptons.

According to an insider who spoke to E!, the Grammy winner was in a celebratory mood but was reluctant to perform until Nelly beckoned her on to the stage. “I know you got this,” the rapper told her before the two launched into the 2002 hit “Dilemma,” with Swift taking on Kelly Rowland’s part.

Wearing a black, cropped off-the-shoulder top with a high waist skirt and white running shoes, Swift can be seen having a blast in multiple videos shares online. At one point she was spotted innocently flirting with birthday boy Mike Hess, heir to the multi-million dollar Hess Corp oil fortune, and even planted a kiss on him.


The only person missing from the action was Tom Hiddleston and his dance moves.