Anna Kendrick’s Funniest Interviews in 2016 In Honor of Her 31st Birthday

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The amazing Anna Kendrick has spent another year winning us over with her quippy sense of humor and making us wish we were her best friend.  

The actress is always getting hilariously real, whether she’s tweeting about wearing sweatpants all day and fangirling over Beyoncé, or telling a talk show host all about her obsession with Taco Bell. She is arguably the Queen of interviews, and lucky for us, she’s spent most of 2016 doing press for her new movies like Trolls and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

To celebrate Anna Kendrick’s 31st birthday, here are some of the best interviews she’s done this year:

1. When she interviewed herself

Because two Anna Kendricks in an interview are always better than one.

2. When she didn’t give a sh*t

Anna Kendrick got explicit with her Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates co-stars Adam DeVine and Aubrey Plaza for Vanity Fair, proving that even if she’s censored half the time, she’s still just as funny.

3. When she and Aubrey Plaza gave their take on The Bachelorette boys

Petition to have Anna Kendrick as the next Bachelorette, please.

3. When she referenced Justin Timberlake’s ramen noodle hair meme

In this jam-packed interview, Anna Kendrick talks about the power of her BFF Aubrey Plaza, getting bloody for Twilight, and most importantly, being overshadowed with Justin Timberlake’s meme-worthy hair.

4. When she talked about Lord of the Rings as a gateway drug

Anna Kendrick discusses being a Lord of the Rings geek, being too lazy for friendship, and getting “Justin Bieber” vibes from Stephen Sondheim. Oh, and she sings a duet with Stephen Colbert too.

4. When she answered rapid-fire questions with only the best answers

Obviously, Anna Kendrick would yell “I’d like to hit that” if her friend was walking down the aisle.

5. When she talks about drinking (entire bottles of wine) and making out with Zac Efron

If you needed more proof that putting Anna Kendrick and Adam DeVine together in an interview is a very good idea:

6. When she did this epic medley of love songs with James Corden

Though technically not an interview, this video may be one of the best Anna Kendrick moments of 2016.

Happy 31st Birthday to the always funny and awesome Anna Kendrick!