Farrah Abraham Wants Her 7-Year-Old to Wear Makeup to School

Farrah Abraham is so keen on having her daughter Sophia wear makeup to school that she has even fought with the seven-year-old’s principal on the matter.

According to the reality star-turned-sex toy model, she was had a heated debated with her child’s educator after she was called in when Sophia showed up to school with a face full of product. Abraham, who had Sophia when she was only 17, argued that her child should be allowed to attend class with makeup on. (After all, Sophia — a child with her own active Instagram and Snapchat accounts — just starred in her first professional swimsuit shoot, right?)

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“You know, when your kids are 5 or 6 they already start playing with makeup,” Abraham, 25, said on the Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss podcast. “And I was the only mother in freakin’ elementary school getting called in to deal with makeup on her daughter.”

She continued, “So I said to them – and I proved my point because then the principal switched schools – I go, ‘Well then you should take off your makeup. If you don’t want little girls coming to school with makeup then don’t wear makeup.’ And then ever since I’ve seen that principal she hasn’t had makeup on her face.”

“There’s bigger things to worry about than makeup,” Abraham added.

Previously, the reality star,who’s had over $30,000 worth of plastic surgery, told Celebuzz that she has no problems with her daughter getting undergoing cosmetic surgery in the future, saying, “I think that’s fine at a certain age. When she’s an adult, she can do whatever she wants.”

Abraham also told us in 2014 that she would not object to little Sophia following her footsteps in making a sex tape when she’s older. “I’m gonna just say make sure you know what you’re doing with it,” she said, when asked what will she say if Sophia had told her she wanted to become a porn star. “You know, I’ll be like, ‘This is what happened to me as your Mom.’  It’s like Mommy talk.”