Johnny Depp to Call Several Witnesses and Use Secret Photo Against Amber Heard in Trial Next Month

Amber Heard Will Return From London to Appear in Court for Her Deposition Against Johnny Depp
Amber Heard will return from her week-long trip to London before her deposition.

Johnny Depp is taking no chances during next month’s trial against estranged wife Amber Heard.

Yesterday (Aug. 8, 2016), Depp’s lawyers submitted a list of nearly two dozen witnesses who have agreed to take the stand next month to slam Heard’s abuse claims. TMZ got a hold of the witness list which includes:

  • Two responding officers from May 21st, the night Heard claims Depp attacked her. The officers are set to testify they saw no signs of an attack or any injury to Heard.
  • Two security guards who were in the apartment during the alleged attack, who will testify Depp never struck Heard.
  • Five building concierges who all saw Heard the day of the alleged attack as well as several days after, who will all testify Heard never looked injured.
  • Heard herself, who will take the stand as a hostile witness.

In addition, Depp’s lawyers submitted several exhibits that will be used to question Heard’s character including her previous domestic violence arrest and documents from the Australian dog smuggling case.

Lastly, the legal team filed documents describing a mysterious photo which won’t be revealed until the trial itself, “For privacy reasons, this exhibit is being served on petitioners [Amber and team] and will be supplied to the court at the time of hearing.”