The Internet Can’t Get Enough of Michael Phelps’ Olympic Game Face

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Why so serious, Michael Phelps?

The Olympic swimmer became social media’s meme of the moment after he was spotted giving his rival Chad le Clos a death stare. Before the 200-meter butterfly semifinal race kicked off at the Rio Olympics on Monday night (Aug. 8, 2016), Phelps was caught on camera making the angriest of faces — and it was everything we could have hoped for in a meme.

Even the commentators couldn’t help but laugh, comparing his angry game face to “a growling dog.” His opponent, on the other hand, just pranced around in front of him. Obviously, his “game face” has gone viral. He even has his own hashtag: #PhelpsFace.

Hey, at least he can add Internet meme to his list of accomplishments.