Here’s What Evan Spiegel Bought Miranda Kerr for Her Malibu Home

As if Miranda Kerr’s life doesn’t seem picturesque enough already, the Australian model is opening up the doors to her stunning Malibu abode. In the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Kerr takes fans through the hillside home and gushes about the one “thoughtful” gift fiancé Evan Speigel had bought for her house.

According to Kerr, who initially lived in New York with former husband Orlando Bloom, she bought the place for her son Flynn.

“We thought it would be a better lifestyle for Flynn. He could be outside playing year-round, playing in the sand. We could have a garden,” she says. “I knew that this house was it at first sight. It needed a lot of work, but it had a great view. It wasn’t right on the water, so it was protected from the wind and very private.”

CREDIT: Douglas Friedman

She continues, “I could just see the potential. It felt so right. In some ways it feels like a tree house. That was another thing that I loved. It’s all open, and the view of the ocean makes it feel more spacious.”

Though the “sacred space” boasts luxe details like patterned pillows fashioned from Hermès scarves, a large-scale Damien Hirst painting, a baby grand piano cleverly made of clear acrylic, a kale garden, an infrared sauna for meditation, and a small gym in the pool house stocked with state-of-the-art Pilates equipment, Kerr admits one of her favorite features is a gift from Snapchat CEO Spiegel. Named the Skywater 300 from Island Sky, the eco-friendly machine draws moisture from the humidity in the air and produces enough water for the entire estate, including showers, drinking water, and a waterfall for Kerr’s backyard koi pond.

CREDIT: Douglas Friedman

“This property was a dust bowl when I bought it,” she says, “and now it’s so green. Obviously I’m aware of the drought problem in California. This system really just pulls water out of the sky. It was a very thoughtful present because he knows how much I love a garden.”

Last month, Spiegel, 26, proposed to Kerr with a 2.5-carat diamond ring valued at approximately $55,000.

CREDIT: Douglas Friedman