So Spoiled: A Clue for ‘Walking Dead’ Fans and Much More 

‘Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus on Season 7: ‘Our World Is Turned Upside Down’
The TV star hints at a lot more trouble ahead besides Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)...

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Because we all know patiently waiting to find what happens to your favorite characters is basically painful, we’ve assembled some clues including reports on THAT scene in The Walking Dead, Halloween costumes on Modern Family and an update on Jane the Virgin.

The folks over at The Spoiling Dead Fans have released a list, which goes up to episode 7, offering which characters appear in which episodes of season 7 and let’s just say two only show up in the season opener… [Moviefone]

Can’t wait for the return of Blindspot? Check out this quote (and pay attention to the spelling)!

“Jane’s own allegiances are in play basiCally for the first part of the season,” said executive producer Martin Gero. “If the first seAson was about Jane Doe being a Trojan Horse inside the FBI, the second season is about her being a double ageNt Inside of her own organization.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Worried about Michael on Jane the Virgin?

“The good news is, we’ll know Michael’s fate by the end of the Season 3 premiere. The bad news is, Jane’s most pressing problem might come from her new mother-in-law, whose presence in Miami won’t make things easier for Jane in her time of need. Not even shared grief is enough to bring them together, and the two will butt heads as they struggle to pick up the pieces.” [TV Guide]

Dying to see more Modern Family? Apparently another big Halloween episode is on the way!

“Jay’s big costume idea is him, Gloria and Joe are going to be Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and that leads to some problems,” EP Steve Levitan said. “Jay is going to be Jesus on Halloween.” [Entertainment Weekly]