7 Moments from the Most Uncomfortable Retrospective on Taylor Lautner’s Past Relationship with Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner doesn’t want to talk about his past relationship with Taylor Swift and yet, here we are, still explaining it to John Stamos five minutes later.

Lautner and Stamos joined Lea Michele in a Facebook Live Q&A session to discuss the second season of Scream Queens as a part of FOX’s TCA presentation. It was charming through the midpoint. Stamos and Michele discussed The Chanels and recalled their meet-cute in Sardi’s 1996. Lautner said that he’s “super excited” to work with the cast, but then, Michele invokes a “really personal” conversation.

The former Glee star recalls that Lautner and Swift began dating after they played love interests in Valentine’s Day and, from there, the following happens:

Lautner is hit with sudden amnesia:


Lautner is amused, but not:


Lautner accurately describes what Swift does for a living:


Michele makes the song about a hat:


Michele clarifies that she is DEFINITELY TEAM SWIFT:


Paula Abdul saves the day*:


*Even though “Cold Hearted Snake” was not written about Stamos

Michele feels “great” being single:


Watch the full Facebook Live chat below.