WATCH: Join a Million Zayn Maliks in a Ride Through His ‘Cruel’ Video with Snakehips

Trippy Zayn Malik is at it again with another technicolor video inspired by the user experience of his new Tumblr account.

In a collaboration with British electronic duo Snakehips (Oliver Lee and James Carter), Malik leads you through an infinite corridor of rooms filled with dancers who disregard his face on television sets, because who watches TV anymore anyway? It’s Malik’s’ equivalent of Disney’s “It’s a Small World” ride through his Mind Of Mine, which is just slightly less kid-friendly.

The dancey track is the rumored to be featured on Snakehip’s full-length debut album that’s due out later this year. M.I.A. told Entertainment Weekly that she and Malik recently finished mastering a track featuring his vocals for her final album, AIM, coordinating it all over WhatsApp. It seems that Malik’s solo career is only just getting started five months after the release of his debut album.

Watch the video above and listen to our discussion about Malik’s album in the Celebuzz’d podcast below.