Blake Lively Slams ‘Unfair’ Post Baby Body Expectations

Blake Lively is no stranger to having her post-baby body celebrated, but now she’s speaking out against the unfair expectations mothers all over the world face.

During a recent interview on Australian morning show Sunrise, the interviewer complimented Lively for being “bikini ready” so soon after the birth of her now 19-month-old daughter James.

“It’s so unfair though, because it’s so celebrated,” the actress, who is currently pregnant with baby number two, responded. “It’s like, this is what someone can look like after a baby. I think a woman’s body after having a baby is pretty amazing.”

Lively insisted that no woman should feel forced to immediately “bounce back” after giving birth, instead they should just celebrate the fact that they’ve created life. “You don’t need to be Victoria’s Secret ready right away because you just did the most incredible miracle that life has to offer,” she continued. “I mean you gave birth to a human being! So I would really like to see that celebrated.”

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